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Why CoEXist?

AV manufacturers are planning for the market introduction of vehicles with more and more automated functionalities. Although steps towards the deployment of AVs are progressing fast, the success of the transition towards automated vehicles will largely be determined by the acceptance of stakeholders. The majority of those have not been part of the debate, such as urban road authorities and others with a stake in urban road infrastructure.

Deployment of AVs are progressing fast

Consequently, most European urban road infrastructure authorities are ill-prepared for the introduction of this “new technology” on their road network, because their road infrastructure is “only” designed for conventional vehicles. AV-ready transport and infrastructure planning in cities is a key precondition for fulfilling the promises of automated vehicles to reduce road space demand and improve traffic efficiency and safety – without it, automated vehicles could simply increase the urban mobility problems that road authorities are currently facing.

In this context, CoEXist intends to increase the capacity of road authorities and other urban mobility stakeholders to get ready for the transition towards a shared road network with increasing levels of automated vehicles.