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Our Approach

CoExist Methodology

AV-ready transport and infrastructure planning in cities are a key precondition for fulfilling the promises of automated vehicles to reduce road space demand and improve traffic efficiency and safety. CoEXist will address three key steps in transport and infrastructure development. 

AV-ready transport modelling

Validated extension of existing microscopic traffic flow simulation and macroscopic transport modelling tools to include different types of CAVs (passenger cars/light-freight vehicles with different automation levels).

Automation-ready road infrastructure

Develop tools to assess the impact of automated vehicles on traffic efficiency, space demand and safety, and provide guidance on infrastructure development, to suit both conventional and automated vehicles.

Automation-ready road authorities

Elaboration of eight use cases in four local authorities (Gothenburg, Helmond, Milton Keynes and Stuttgart), used to evaluate – with the CoEXist tools – the impacts of automated vehicles on traffic efficiency, road space requirements and safety, to guide local policy discussion and identify strategies to improve automation-readiness.