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What is CoEXist?

CoEXist is a European project (05/2017 – 04/2020) which prepares the transition phase during which automated and conventional vehicles will co-exist on cities’ roads. It bridges the gap between automated vehicles (AVs) technology, transportation and infrastructure planning, by strengthening the capacities of urban road authorities and cities to plan for the effective deployment of AVs.

Automation-ready road authorities

Thanks to a trans-disciplinary approach, CoEXist is developing an AV-ready framework for road authorities and supporting the technological development of traffic simulations tools.

Through the simulation automated vehicles in four European cities, with different urban structures and traffic compositions, CoEXist is analysing the effects of automated vehicles on urban road infrastructure, especially in a context of “co-existence” between automated and conventional vehicles.

The results of the project are enabling road authorities to understand in detail the potential impact of increasing numbers of automated vehicles and to plan accordingly.

CoEXist mission

The mission of CoEXist is to systematically increase the capacity of road authorities and other urban mobility stakeholders to prepare for the transition towards a shared road network with an increasing number of automated vehicles, using the same road network as conventional vehicles.

CoEXist aims at enabling mobility stakeholders to become “AV-ready”. CoEXist is developing a specific framework and both microscopic and macroscopic traffic models that take the introduction of automated vehicles into account.

The tools developed in the framework of CoEXist are being tested by road authorities in the four project cities: Helmond (NL), Milton Keynes (UK), Gothenburg (SE) and Stuttgart (DE) in order to assess the “AV-readiness” of their locally-designed use cases.