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Release of the SUMP Practitioner Briefing on Automation

Posted: 09.11.2019
9 November 2019

At the occasion of the 2019 CIVITAS Forum, in Graz (Austria), on 2-4 October, a series of new SUMP guidance documents have been released. These documents aim at supporting cities and regions in the development and implementation of their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

Alongside the updated European SUMP guidelines, 17 thematic topic guides and practitioner briefing have been published. Each of these guidance documents focuses on a particular aspect of urban mobility. These documents intend to provide recommendations to planning authorities on the integration of certain technologies and mobility solutions in a sustainable urban mobility plan.

In this context, CoEXist has released the practitioner briefing ‘Road Vehicle Automation in sustainable urban mobility planning’ (PDF version). Based on the work carried out by the CoEXist partners, and in particular for the development of the Automation-Ready Framework, Rupprecht Consult, coordinator of CoEXist produced this guide (28 pages) for local authorities interested in developing automation locally.

Althoug steps towards the deployment of cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM) are progressing fast, the actual benefits of the transition towards CCAM for a city’s mobility, will largely be determined by the introduction of this new driving technology into existing sustainable urban mobility planning processes. […] the aim of the practitioners’ briefing is to provide guidance and best practice examples in order to increase the capacity of cities to introduce CCAM into their sustainable urban mobility planning processes.

The practitioners’ briefing (PDF) can be found on the CoEXist website. It can also be found – together with all the SUMP guidance documents – on the Eltis platform.