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EUCAD 2019 – European Conference on Connected & Automated Driving

12 February 2019
  • Date: 02.04.2019
  • Location: Brussels, Belgium

The title of the second European conference on CAD is ‘Connected Automated Driving: Europe takes the lead’. The conference organised by ARCADE, an EU-funded project will take place in Brussels, on 2 & 3 April 2019. Representatives of CoEXist will be present and will be available to liaise with fellow projects and initiatives, to meet with external stakeholders and to provide more information about the objectives and activities of the project.

The European Commission has identified Connected & Automated Driving as a major opportunity: “The deployment of CAD can contribute significantly to our policy goals of bringing down the number of road fatalities, reducing harmful emissions from transport and reducing congestion. At the same time, automated mobility has the potential to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry, create new jobs and boost economic growth.

With this conference, the European Commission aims at taking stock of the current situation on CAV in Europe and the different implementation projects and initiatives. EUCAD 2019 will also be the opportunity for political leaders from the European Commission and Member States as well as high-level representatives of the industry and road authorities to discuss the main challenges and opportunities brought by automated mobility.

The EUCAD 2019 is also focusing on the the engagement of the population: “Taking place just one month before European elections, EUCAD 2019 will also convey a strong message to citizens: their acceptance is key to the success of CAD. Engaging different segments of society in the discussion helps to establish a sense of inclusiveness and shared ownership and will encourage this acceptance