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CAD Webinar Series (X): Designing, testing, verifying and validating: Using FOT/NDS data for improving vehicle automation

21 June 2018
  • Date: 09.07.2018
  • Location: Online webinar

Automation is of great research interest at the moment and becomes more relevant every day. The topic attracts researchers, OEMs, and stakeholders equally, as it is not only promising increased safety, convenience, efficiency, and sustainability, but also opening up a new market. The integration of such systems into everyday traffic requires thorough validation and testing, but also appealing and efficient design. Both can be obtained by taking research into the real world and learn directly from where the traffic happens. Different methods, such as Naturalistic Driving Studies (NDS), Field Operational Tests (FOT) and Field Observations (FO), cover different areas completing the picture.

This tenth CAD webinar, taking place on 9 July 2018, will provide a glimpse on state-of-the-art research in these methods as crucial tools for improving vehicle automation.

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