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Università Firenze (UNIFI)


The University of Florence, founded in 1321 is one of the largest organisations for research and higher education in Italy.

UNIFI will participate in the Project with its Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICEA). The experience gathered by the UNIFI research team in CityMobil2 and previous research projects on the topic of fully automated road vehicles (CATS, CityMobil, CityNetMobil, NetMobil, CyberMove,CyberCars) is used in CoEXist in a twofold way. On the one hand UNIFI helps define and validate the vehicle control logic to test how the vehicles mix with the environment.

On the other hand, in CityMobli2, the UNIFI research team has developed a certification procedure for automated vehicles and road infrastructure certification for safety, based on the rail technical standard EN 50126 which can be used as an inspiration for the infrastructure verification task.

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