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TASS International


TASS International supports the global automotive industry in the creation of safer and smartervehicles

TASS International is known for its unique development methodology, offering a set of advanced simulation software tools, tailor made engineering solutions and state-of- the-art testing and certification facilities and services, with the aim to improve Integrated Safety systems of vehicles and boost the development of Highly Automated- and Connected Driving. TASS International helps to develop better products, increased speed-to- market and more robust and cost-effective development processes.

TASS PreScan is used to generate sensor data for the control logic used by Renault and Vedecom to define AV behaviour parameter sets for sub- models (incl. lane change, car following and lateral positioning, reaction on signals) inside PTV’s microscopic traffic flow simulation. Validation of this microscopic model will be conducted by PTV with data collected from the A270 test site operated by TASS in Helmond.

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